Frontek Super Plus systemTwo  attachment systems for frontek ceramic piece: PLUS and SUPERPLUS


The PLUS SYSTEM is a standard Greco Gres system designed to give an easy and economic solution to most of the projects. Frontek panels are attached with cramps directly to vertical mullions providing lightness and ease to mount.

The SUPERPLUS SYSTEM is thought for those projects which require more powerful and strengh solutions. The panels are attached with horizontal clips to transoms, which transfer loads to vertical mullions. This provides more resistance to face wind loads.

Combined with the wide range and variety of colors, textures and finishes of the Frontek collection, this systems it beats a perfect solution for façade designs.

Greco Gres International also developes Venatto, the outstanging porcelain gres tiles, and Klinker Greco, the klinker paving solution with a traditional look.

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